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We run photography lessons and tours to help you understand your camera and improve your travel and family photos!

Are you buying a camera soon? Do you always wonder why your photos don’t look like the photos online? Or would you just LOVE to know how to take better photos!?

We looove helping people and love photography and would be stoked to show you the ins and outs of it! We offer photography tutoring to help you grasp the fundementals of photography FAST and capture those special moments easily! You will learn 20x quicker this way than in an over-priced online course! This would be the perfect little add-on to that camera gift or a stand-alone gift even!

We will teach you how to compose a photo, shoot manually, understand the fundamental exposure triangle and can teach you any style of shooting including nature, macro, sport, portrait and more!

On our photography tours, we weave the photography lessons into a day out in the field, visiting several stunning locations in the Wet Tropics!

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