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Sydney Street Photography Adventure, Newtown (The Poetic Witness)

LocationSydney, NSW
Duration300 mins (5.0 hrs)
InstructorSharon Hickey
Max Students10
Next SessionSat, Nov 21 08:00
  • $185

Sydney Street Photography Adventure, Newtown (The Poetic Witness)

Street photography is a form of art photography that features the human condition in public places — including places without people but with a human character or aesthetic.

Street Photography

Whether you want to document a historic event or capture the spirit of a city while you’re travelling, this popular Aperture Club adventure will teach you to photograph people, objects, architecture, street art, events, festivals and more.

Newtown is known for its diversity, thriving street culture and street art. It’s perfect for street photography: people, cafes, vendors, street merchants, buskers, pets, historic buildings and unexpected surprises along the way!

We begin the workshop at Café Newtown, then explore the urban landscape that unfolds as markets set up, cafes open and people fill the streets. Our adventure takes us past antique shops, eclectic speciality stores and spaces heavy with street art in search of inspiration and creativity.

We’ll break for lunch to debrief: a great opportunity to exchange stories and to ask questions. Our focus then shifts refining the morning’s experience, with your experienced tutor/s enhancing your techniques with one-on-one coaching.

By the end of this unique workshop, you’ll have photographed a charming visual story of one of Sydney’s most iconic communities … and you’ll have learned sharp observation, quick reflexes and people skills to help you create high-impact images you’ll be proud of.

What’s Covered:

  • How to improve your power of observation

  • How to identify your ‘points of interest’

  • Composition

  • Quality and properties of light

  • Street awareness and etiquette

  • Candid photography techniques

  • How to predict and time a great moment

  • Approaching people and requesting a portrait

  • How to be inconspicuous

  • Choice of camera equipment

Workshop format:

Tutors: a professional photographer and a photographer’s assistant (subject to group size)

Class size: minimum four; maximum 10

Time: 9 am to 2 pm on selected Saturdays.Please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop to ensure we start on time.

Meeting point: Cafe Newtown, 329 King Street, Newtown (corner of King Street and Enmore Road, opposite Newtown Station)

Getting there: Public transport: easy access from Newtown Station, and a variety of buses from the city.

Private transport: parking available at Dendy Cinema, 261 King Street; entry via Lennox St. Maximum
fee $12. Phone 1800 PARKING (1800 727 5464)

What should I bring?

  • a digital SLR camera or compact camera with manual settings and a built-in flash.Please make sure you also bring the user’s manual

  • a lens hood if you have one

  • a cleaning cloth

  • at least one empty memory card

  • at least one set of spare batteries —make sure they’re fully charged

  • your camera manual

  • camera bag

  • water bottle and snacks

  • comfortable walking shoes

  • sunscreen and hat

  • comfortable, inconspicuous clothing; check the weather forecast!

What will I learn?

The Poetic Witness street photography adventure will help you sharpen your
powers of observation, improving your candid photography, teaching you how to
predict and capture moments without being noticed and how to tell stories with
photography. You’ll also build confidence in meeting and photographing new

Further information

Detailed Aperture Club course notes will be emailed to you on completion of each workshop.

Camera kits are available for $75 per workshop if you want to experiment using a professional DSLR camera. Kits include a camera, lens and other equipment (flash/tripod) appropriate to the particular tutorial. Kits are limited, so make sure you reserve one when you confirm your workshop.

Workshops do not include drinks, meals/snacks, public transport or parking


If it looks as if the weather will be unsuitable on the day, we’ll contact you early in the morning. In the event of cancellation, you can select an alternative workshop date.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next street photography workshop!

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The Aperture Club - Sydney Street Photography Adventure, Newtown (The Poetic Witness)

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Street photography is a form of art photography that features the human condition in public places — including places without people but with a human character or aesthetic.

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