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Focus 10 Andrew Thomasson
LocationPerth, WA
Duration240 mins (4.0 hrs)
FormatInstructor Led
Max Students8
Next SessionTue, Nov 27 09:00
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Wildlife photography course at Perth Zoo.

Learn how to utilize the operation of your DLSR, mirrorless or compact digital camera in order to get fantastic photographs of Australia's finest collection of native animals and a diverse collection of exotic species from around the world. We practice general camera handling, use of long focal length zoom lenses, manipulation of depth of field, shutter speed to freeze or blur movement, composition and lighting techniques.

Why a Focus 10 Pty Ltd wildlife photography workshop?

• Established, recognised experts in nature/wildlife photography over 23 years
• Gain first-hand experience with all cameras
• Ideal for travellers wanting to take much better safari photos
• Learn how to shoot a large variety of flora, fauna & bird photography
• Depth of field, aperture, colour balance, lens perspective
• Freezing and showing motion, exposure, focus modes and points
• Meet interesting, like minded persons who love wildlife, travel & photography
• No more than 8 persons per group for more individual attention
• First hand experience up-close and personal with wildlife
• Expert tuition from pro photographers Andrew and/or Serena
• Detailed notes and follow up advisory service
• Guarantee that if you are not 100% satisfied, you can repeat the workshop for free

Perth Zoo is one of the world's leading conservation zoos, supporting local, regional and international projects designed to conserve species in the wild. Perth Zoo features one of Australia's finest collection of native animals and a diverse collection of exotic species. It is a 41-acre zoo that opened in 1898 in South Perth. It is home to 1258 animals of 164 species and includes an extensive botanical collection.

This Perth wildlife photography workshop will appeal to all photographers wishing to improve their technique and learn how to use their camera properly. This workshop is suitable for anyone with any camera and at any level as we teach you how to adapt your technique to optimise your skill and camera equipment level.

Some of the living creatures we will be photographing in the Australian walkabout section include: the black swan, black-necked stork, brolga, crocodiles, tree frogs, swamp tortoise, little penguins, bridled terns, dingoes, emus, koalas, pademelons, numbats, quokka, red kangaroos, short-beaked echidnas, wombats, Tammar wallabys, Tasmanian devils, Western grey kangaroos and many Cockatoo species. Other critters include numbats, green tree frog, Northern quoll, slow loris, spinifex hopping mouse, squirrel glider, water rat, bandicoots, ringtail possum and brush-tailed bettong. In addition, this exhibit includes a number of invertebrates such as Australian tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes, redback and funnel-web spiders.

The reptile encounter section has black-headed pythons, chameleon dragons, Iguanas, frilled dragons, turtles, olive pythons, perenties, goannas (Monitor), pythons, tiger snakes, water monitors, blue-tongued skinks and spiny-tailed lizards.

In the African savannah section we can photograph African painted dogs, African lions, cheetahs, Grant's zebras, baboons, meerkats, radiated tortoises, giraffes, spotted hyaenas and white rhinoceroses.

The Asian rainforest is home to a number of threatened species including: Asian elephants, Asian small-clawed otters, Red Pandas, Silvery Gibbons, Sumatran orangutans, Sumatran tigers, sun bears and White-cheeked gibbons.

Other dedicated zoo areas are perfect for getting great photographs of Lemurs, Squirrel Monkeys, Tamarins, Pygmy Marmosets, Ring-tailed Lemurs, Galapagos Tortoises, Amazon parrots, Blue-and-gold Macaws, Conures, Ruffed Lemurs, Javan Gibbons, Cassowary, Tree kangaroo's and Australian Pelicans.

In summary, Perth Zoo has an exhaustive variety of living fauna from around Australia and key world zones. Its a great zoo and a perfect location for honing your wildlife and nature photographic skills.


Andrew Thomasson (BSc) Andrew has travelled extensively on all seven continents and leads photographic trips for global adventure travel companies and for Focus 10 Pty Ltd. Photo wildlife Safaris to Namibia, the Arctic, Tanzania, India, Antarctica and Australia and 11 years of teaching the Taronga zoo wildlife photo workshop means you can tap into Andrew's wealth of experience.

Serena Pearce (B.Ap.Sc., Dip. Photo ) Accredited Member of the A.I.P.P.
Serena has a lifetime of pro photo expertise shooting hippos on the Okavango River, Himba and Sapa hill tribe festivities, warding off camels at the Pushkar Camel Festival and discovering the maze of alleyways in Marrakesh. Much of Australia has been seen from behind a camera lens - with a specialty focus on the surreal outback images of the rugged Kimberleys, pristine southwest, Cue to Uluru and Arnhem Land...all eminating from her backyard playground of Cottesloe beach.


• how to use your camera
• best lenses and accessories
• Depth of field
• White Balance
• Exposure compensation
• Freezing & showing motion
• Lens perspective
• Focusing modes and focusing points


At least 4 courses per year

Meet: Outside the main Perth zoo entrance at 9.00am

Note: participants have to pay their own entrance fees. We suggest buying an annual pass for the best value

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