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Focus 10 Andrew Thomasson
LocationSydney, NSW
Duration480 mins (8.0 hrs)
FormatInstructor Led
Max Students10
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  • $290



• Taught by travel photography experts
• Detailed notes, tailored advice
• Worldwide locations and environments
• 8 hrs of outdoor, interactive shooting
• Small groups (10max) meet fellow travellers
• Learn practical, hands-on techniques for creating better travel photographs
• Bonus $100 Focus 10 gift voucher

A very good 'all rounder' course for beginners to intermediate level photographers who wish to learn real life shooting skills to bring back iconic photographs from their travels. Over 6289 travellers have done this course since its inception in 1991.

The course emphasizes the need to be versatile in your photography - to be able to adapt your shooting style to suit varying conditions of a region or event. If its raining you learn to shoot macro and portraiture. If its classic landscapes, you may have to wait days for the perfect light. If its colourful people then go to Rajasthan or Peru. 
Less is more - less clutter in desert regions means cleaner backdrops and strong composition. Less heavy camera gear means you have more energy to explore Rome from first light to twilight. Less gear means freedom to mingle with the locals in Zanzibar and a light compact allows you to shoot unobtrusively. Conversely pro gear thats rugged and reliable matters for serious wildlife photography is exacting conditions.. On a African wildlife safari or shooting polar bears whilst dog sledding in the Arctic you need at least a 300mm lens and a good, strong, robust DSLR digital camera.

Every course participant gets custom tailored advice on their gear, what / where to buy, destination shooting tips, knowledge on cameras, lens, accessories and the best deals. Detailed notes give tips on etiquette, security, the best time to go, image storage, battery life, camera care, security issues and much more.

The Photo Traveller course is a practical outdoors course wrapped up with a slide show on world wide destinations. We use a variety of great Sydney locations to give you a feel for diverse scenarios. Snapping boats and water at the Pier 4 wharf replicates a Greek holiday, nature and flowers in the Botanical gardens are good practice for shooting in Costa Rica, the tips on architecture photography at the Sydney Barracks can be transported to pictures in Versailles. The bustle of the Rocks markets emulates Covent Gardens and the Opera House give you skills in shooting snow covered scenes in alpine and polar regions.

We profile the world's most photogenic locations in a wrap-up slide show - Antarctica, Himalaya, Asia, Burma, Mongolia, The Andes, Paris, London, Rome, Scotland, Turkey, Greece, Canada, Vietnam, The Red Centre, Namibia, South and East Africa to name but a few of the worlds most photogenic locations.


Learn how to use every feature on your digital camera to the full
Covers lens and linear perspective, depth of field
White balance & filters, balancing interior/exterior light, flash tips
Capturing motion, unusual viewpoints & tilting
Portraiture, landscapes, still life, motion, architecture, nature, wildlife
Reflections, heat & dust, snow & cold, the essence of a region
Post production tips, how to create montages and an e-book
Interactive, dynamic, fun. Hands on shooting & telling your travel story


No previous photographic experience required.
A compact, mirror-less and/ or a DLSR camera
Memory Card(s): we recommend at least a 2 GB card for each session of shooting
Charged camera battery and a spare if you have one
A wide angle is useful for landscapes. A telephoto for wildlife
Your travel itinerary and camera instruction book


10am to 6pm
18 Argyle Street, Sydney
(Lowenbrau Cafe / beside outside tables near red phone box)


• Detailed notes
• Custom tailored advice pertaining to your travel destination and activities
• Ongoing technical support as to the right camera gear, lenses and accessories
• $100 Focus 10 gift voucher

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