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STUDIO PORTRAIT photography course | Focus 10 | Sydney

Focus 10 Andrew Thomasson
Duration420 mins (7.0 hrs)
FormatInstructor Led
Max Students5
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  • $390

STUDIO PORTRAIT photography course | Focus 10 | Sydney

Hands on, interactive, dynamic photographic training in shooting models and portraits by the skilled Focus 10 team.

Focus 10 studio portrait photography course

• 7 hrs, $390, detailed notes
• what camera gear and lenses
• how to set up your own studio
• studio lighting techniques
• professional models
• posing and body dynamics
• build your portfolio
• blending natural and artificial light sources
• detailed notes


Hands on, interactive, dynamic photographic training in shooting models and portraits by the skilled Focus 10 team.

Our studio model and portrait photography course now opens up a further market for new and existing International and Australian clients.

You will be shooting models (and each other) learning how to pose the models with various props to achieve glamorous, elegant images. We use models who are engaging and attractive with a natural affinity to the camera. learn to shoot boudoir, corporate, casual, formal... and the full range of different styles and photographic techniques to bring out the models natural flair and beauty.

Learn “tools of the trade”, what you need to know about camera gear, and accessories for high quality evocative portraiture. We cover how to use your camera gear, all about studio lighting including mixing strobe, tungsten and available light and the golden rules of composition. This intensive course is about practical demonstrations to train your eye, to ‘paint’ light onto a subject, how to select the right lens and the advanced use of aperture and shutter speed to control the creative process.

There's intuitive instruction on lighting and composition along with everything from exposure control to white balance, from ISO settings to focus options. You will also learn all about macro photography used in shooting food and products (by request as sometimes our groups only want to keep on shooting the models)

This 7 hour day course will appeal to those photographers travelling from out of town and to Sydneysiders who want a fully comprehensive, intensive training experience and is especially appealing to time pressed persons and those wanting to discover the unique nature of model, glamour, fashion and studio photography.

All of our studio courses are held in the professional studio of Dragon Image in Artarmon.

The one day course makes the ideal gift for friends, business colleagues and family members.


• Your DLSR and/or medium format digital camera functions (we also cater to film camera users)
• Memory, file sizes, formats, storage
• Advanced composition and lens perspective
• A quick overview on aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, ISO setting, white balance, exposure compensationetc.
• Continuous lighting (advantages and disadvantages)
• Lighting accessories
• Setting up your studio lighting
• Shooting portraits under studio lighting
• Portrait lighting basics, types and styles
• Posing techniques including single models, couples and small groups
• Backgrounds, props and creating atmosphere
• Different styles of portrait photography
• ‘macro’ photography with your compact camera
• Use of your own flash & flash shooting techniques


• Overview
• Studio and portrait sample shots
• Suggested cameras and accessories
• Camera functions
• Pixels & memory cards
• Controlling light
• Creative composition
• Lens perspective overview and depth of field
• White balance and filters
• ISO speed and shutter speeds
• Colour cast, flash and ambient light
• Still life

Notes: (1) This course can be custom tailored to suit specific requests from the participants and we reserve the right to mix around the course content subject to the prevailing lighting conditions. (2) We supply 500w and 100w spotlights exterior flashes, reflectors and detailed notes


Your instructor, Andrew Thomasson, is a professional studio and portrait photographer. He has been teaching this course for 10 years.


• We recommend you have a DSLR, mirror less or compact with manual controls and a flash hot shoe.
• At least one quality portrait lens such as a 50mm and/ or a 85mm f1.8. The multi purpose portrait lens such as a 70mm to 200mm, a 24mm -105mm, 24mm to 70mm are superb.
• Memory Card(s): We recommend at least a 8 GB card for each 7 hour session of shooting
• Essential - A sturdy tripod. We have extra tripods to lend
• Non essential – polarizing filter and external flash unit although a Speedlite flash is very useful.
• Charged camera battery and a spare if you have one


• AUD$390
• Instruction from professional photographer
• Detailed notes
• Camera, lens and accessory shopping service
• Free portraits
• Personal assessment and critique of your portfolio
• BONUS $100 value FOCUS 10 gift voucher

Some clients require personalised studio instruction pertaining to their specific needs. If you are booking this course 'on demand' we offer 3 hours of one on one instruction either at our home studio in Paddington or at our large 'shared' studio using the Dragon Image facilities in Artarmon.

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