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Creative Compact Photography Course

Focus 10 Andrew Thomasson
LocationSydney, NSW
Duration420 mins (7.0 hrs)
FormatInstructor Led
Max Students10
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  • $200

Unique 'one of a kind' creative compact photography course.

• 7 hrs
• iconic Sydney locations
• outdoors
• night shoot
• small groups
• dynamic
• spontaneous artistry
• getting the shot
• fun
• free portraits
• detailed notes
• $200


It's rare to not fine a pro or an amateur photographer who does not love love their compacts and use them everyday to produce stunning results. Travel photographers love them because they are light and versatile, students love them for their creative expression, parents love them to instantly snap memorable moments , tradesmen love them, hairdressers love them, set designers love them, we love them.

More of us can carry them more easily to more events, and thus get more shots, more holiday destinations, more parties we would have otherwise missed. And that's what the POINT is about "point and shoot" cameras... it's getting the shot.

In the last few years digital compact cameras have taken a quantum leap forward in size, design, and optics. We look at this super new generation of compacts such as the Canon GX1, Canon S100, Nikon P100, Nikon Coolpix P510, Pentax Optio WG-2 GPS, Panasonic Lumix series ( LX5, ZS20) through to the ultra small Ixus, Cybershot, Olympus and Fuji X -Pro1 ranges. We look at the virtues of swivel screens and file sizes, special effects such as accent colour, scene modes, the advantages of being waterproof and shock proof and we de-mystify the control system so your camera can truly be a point and shoot.

Compact cameras encourage users to concentrate on what they are to photograph, rather than spending time fiddling with the camera. You learn how to compose a good photograph quickly. learn how to balance subject with background. learn about lighting and how to make the best use of the on-camera flash and other light sources. Most important, you learn what the basic camera functions do and start shooting. With a point and shoot, you begin to think more about the essentials to what make a good photograph, the photographic image itself.

• Learn how to use every feature on your film and/or digital camera
• Get unbiased advice on what camera gear is best suited to your needs and budget
• Fast track your technical and artistic skills
• Freedom- camera’s light and compact enough for any occasion,
• Instilling a mindset of flexibility to greater freedom and artistry
• Get great shots of iconic and unusual areas of the Rocks and Walsh Bay area.
• Small groups (10 persons maximum)
• Interactive, dynamic, exacting, challenging
• Complimentary notes
• Free camera shopping service & ongoing technical support


• Your film or Digital compact camera functions
• File sizes, formats
• White balance & bracketing, use of ISO
• Exposure lock and compensation, preset functions/ movie clip mode
• Macro / depth of field manipulation
• Clean uncluttered composition
• Painting with light
• Preset focusing and exposure
• Operation of flash
• An analysis of types of compact cameras from:
camera phones to prosumer models
• Unusual viewpoints & tilting / lens and linear perspective
• Showing movement
• Low light and night shooting
• File sharing, presentation, display, ebooks
• YouTube, Facebook & Instagram uploads
• iphone apps
• GPS and wi fi tips


(7hrs) Various times of day
Lowenbrau Kellar - 18 Argyle St. the Rocks


Andrew Thomasson


No prior photographic skills required


• Any digital and/or film compact
• Memory Card(s): we recommend at least a 2 GB card
• Any camera accessories - such as a small mini tripod
• Charged camera battery, battery charger and a spare

course price & inclusions::

• AUD$200
• Instruction from professional photographers
• Detailed notes
• Camera, lens and accessory shopping service
• Free portraits and e-book

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