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Gift vouchers are now available

Gift vouchers are now available

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23 Oct 20

It's been a long time coming, but we're now very excited to announce that gift vouchers are available from Photography-Courses.com.au. YAAAAY!

  • Vouchers may be purchased for any value from $10 up and are valid for three years.
  • You can redeem the voucher as payment towards any available photography course or private tuition.
  • You can make as many bookings as you like using the same voucher until the full voucher value has been redeemed.
  • If the voucher value is not enough to book the course you want you can pay the balance with your credit card.

Sound awesome? What are you waiting for? Purchase your photography courses gift voucher now!

We'll send you your gift voucher code immediately by email, which you can redeem by adding to the 'Voucher code' field on the booking form and clicking Apply. If the remaining credit on the gift voucher is not enough to pay for the booking, we'll ask for your credit card details to pay the balance.