; NEWCASTLE - Creative Digital Photography Courses in Newcastle NSW

NEWCASTLE - Creative Digital Photography Courses in Newcastle NSW

School nameSteele Photography
No. of students per class10
Recommended audienceBeginner
Pre-requisite courses/knowledgeIdentify your camera's Manual settings
Course duration (hours)6
No. of sessions2
Special equipment requiredDigital SLR Camera and any accessories
LocalityNewcastle, NSW
Teacher nameTam Steele Daly

Hi, is this you...?


"I wish I could get those great shots of the children"
"I want to blur the background to make my subject pop"
"I wish I knew how to get those silky smooth waterfall shots?"
"Is it easy to catch the fireworks & lightning?"

.....if it is, you can discover all the above by contacting Studio 22 and attending a Creative Digital Photography Course.

It's a simple, yet a great instant discovery, and suited to your budget.


Steele Photography's STUDIO 22, has evolved into a world of its own. You will be free from all the tedious numbers, fractions and archaic teaching, to bring you a smooth and fluid course. This course will stand as your foundation to a whole world of photographic creativity.

The Venue: Room 10 - Newcastle Community Arts Centre
                     (Parry St West, Newcastle)

The Duration: 2 x 3 hours sessions

The Sessions: 2 x Evening Sessions

                            (see enrollment page for details)

The Aim: To have you comfortably photographing, in the creative MANUAL MODE, in one hour !

or your money back - GUARANTEED

The Investment: Only $195.00

The Course:
This two-session, Fast-Track creative digital photography course focusses on a more hands-on approach. Although sit down theory is a must, it is integrated throughout both sessions, in a fluid and non-tedious manner.

Get off the AUTO mode - is our mantra, and that begins the very moment you enter the studio. In order to awaken or find your creativity whilst unleashing the full potential of your camera the Manual mode will be your mode of choice.

In saying this, the course is ideal for you if you have a DSLR camera or a compact digital camera with manual controls i.e., you can control APERTURE, SHUTTER SPEED & ISO.

This Creative Course consists of:

2 x 3 hour sessions, from 6:30p.m. until 9.00 p.m. (open from 6:00)

Both course sessions include a blend of theory and hands-on practical, with your camera. You will be continuously taking photographs, on both days, and critiquing these with other students. The course adopts a hands-on fast-track method of approach, designed to assist and deepen your discovery process.

Light - its colours and effects
The colours of light
Tools to combat colour casts
The White balance
The Histogram

Exposure Fundamentals — aperture, shutter speed and ISO
Exposure explained
Aperture control
Shutter speed

Co-creation - where you get to ask what you want to know
Dispell myths
Correct previously gained information
Ask about filters and other nice-to-haves
RAW versus JPEG
How to critique an image

The 4 Pillars of photography - An in depth view

This Course is designed for Digital SLR cameras and compact cameras which allow manual control of Aperture, Shutter and ISO
(e.g., the CANON G series)‘
You are required to bring a digital camera with a fully charged battery,memory card(s), the camera's instruction manual and any other accessories.
If in doubt whether your camera fits the bill . . . simply ask.

A Standard course of 2 x 3 hour sessions (max 10 students)

Other Options available:

 - You can opt for 1-on-1 tuition.
- You can also elect to have a personalised small group course
  (see below for more details.)

Small group class:
This is where you round up a group of like-minded photographers, contact me and I'll arrange the venue and coordinate date and times with you. This is particularly popular with school children, mothers groups and other focus groups.

For this type of tuition, please contact us via the contact form

1-on-1 tuition:
For this type of tuition, Please contact us via the contact form




The manual tells you how - We'll show you why


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